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Paddle with majestic egrets, herons, eagles and more in this vibrant, recuperating habitat, and learn about its history and ecology with a guide from the National Audubon Society. Explore a natural oasis just 5 miles from 15 million people, but a world away. 

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We seek to share our love of nature, the Meadowlands and kayaking with you.

Paddle meandering creeks through acres of waving reeds, flushing flocks of wading egrets and skittering sandpipers. Enjoy vistas ranging from forest-bordered marshland to the Manhattan skyline.  Explore a natural oasis hidden in plain sight in the heart of the most densely-populated part of the most densely-populated state in the country, 5 miles from 15 million people, but a world away.

Why the Meadowlands?

Once an environmental joke, a former hell of landfill fires, chemical waste, and mythical mob bodies, the Meadowlands now supports a surprising multitude of life, from varieties of fish to the great egrets and herons that eat them. Rare birds sighted include Black Skimmers, Soras, White Pelicans, Osprey, Bitterns, and Bald Eagles. But its wonders are too often overlooked as we drive heedlessly by on the turnpike. We need to pause to appreciate this special place, and ponder its future–which is ours as well. Check our Tour Calendar for upcoming dates.

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A May Full of Perfect Tides

May is chock full of ‘Perfect Tides’ weekends for our most popular tour route, Mill Creek Marsh Paddle Trail!  We’ll meet at noon this Saturday May 1 and again 1

MKT Season 2021 Starts April 3

Meadowlands Kayak Tours is aiming to kick off our guided tour season Saturday April 3. More deets to come–there are specific timing requirements for early-season kayaking that we’ll account for

Fun Facts about Meadowlands Kayaking

Got questions about kayaking the Meadowlands? Is previous experience required? (Hint: No.) We’ve got answers! Plus some fun facts.